World pay zinc intergration

i know quick file supports world pay but does it support the world pay zinc application?

No at the moment we don’t support Worldpay Zinc, we support the standard web based integration with Worldpay. What are the advantages of integrating with Zinc, sorry I’m not familiar with this product.

At the moment Worldpay Zinc does not offer a web based integration solution, you need to use their app and card reader only, also the cardholder needs to be present.

We have already integrated with another pay as you go merchant service provider called Stripe, see the posting below:

cheers guys, yes i have already intergrated and used strip for a transaction i was just wondering if world pay zinc was adaptable.!

only reason i asked was many customers have heard of world pay unlike stripe

Stripe are very well known in the US but relatively new to these shores (I think they arrived in August).

Don’t confuse Worldpay Zinc which is a great, cheap, merchant terminal service here (or my referral link if you want 33% off the terminal cost! ) that uses your smart phone paired with a small handy terminal, with Worldpay Streamline here which is the full blown terminal/online solution for 25k + p.a.

Incidentally I have a question about this. Worldpay Zinc pay the full amount you have taken on cards into your bank account then take their fees by direct debit. Am I right in thinking that I don’t need to bother setting up a separate QF bank account and just allocate the incoming funds against that days/weeks sales and the outgoing DD as say bank charges or similar?



Sounds like that would work. The reason for handling merchant services in a separate bank account is when they deduct their fees at source and pay you the balance, obliviously then you can’t neatly tally those amounts with your invoices.

The only thing to be mindful of here is if you want to split up those payments received from Worldpay to cover different invoices associated with different clients (which I’m guessing you are). If that’s the case you’ll still need to separate this out into a merchant bank account.

Regarding the integration how would you expect Worldpay Zinc to integrate with Quick File, as the payments probably aren’t getting initiated from Quick File to start with? Are you thinking along the lines of an automated feed to pull in the statement from WP? Just trying to understand that part.

Nope, I use the WP Zinc terminal in a mostly cash retail environment so as well as a cash takings invoice paid into the QF Cash Acc, I will raise a CC takings invoice when I tag the incoming bank payments.

It is the OP looking for integration not me, with WP Zinc the Q makes no sense but with WP streamline it does, hence clarifying the difference between the two.

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Can this be added as it appenrtly according to there sales reps a online solution to but wiht no monthly fee

Worldpay Zinc turns your phone or tablet device into a chip + pin terminal. It doesn’t provide a web portal. Worldpay E-commerce provides a web portal and we already integrate with them.

according to there sales team you can take payment online the difference between worldpay and world pay zinc is worldpay has monthly fee zinc doesnt, once my application is through i will get the details need as it will be something like a api i am guessing

I just spoke to them and they told me Zinc is terminal only.

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ha what a surprise sales peopple sayign it can do something it can oh well, but strange teh applciation process does not force you to buy a card reader and if it only way to take payments i would have thought it force you