Wrong balance when transitioning between pages

Ok so I have a profit and loss report showing £10,229.42 and the figure posted to reserves is £10,217.43. Trial balance is fine

Further I have a transistion from one page to another on the current account in which £10.00 suddenly gets added to the running balance.Transaction is from page 4 to page 3. Balance c/f from page 4 is £334.84.
The opening transaction on page 4 is a credit £118.25 giving a balance of £226.59 on screen which should read £216.59. Transactions are dated 01/02/2013 and 02/02/2013.


Would you mind rechecking now? It’s caused by an issue with calculating the balance going forward when transitioning between pages. Usually changing the page size fixes this. It is very rare that this happens and we are working on a fix.

Yep, current account seems fine now, thankyou. Still have the imbalance in the financial statements though

I will refer this to an engineer and get back to you.

Just checked with an engineer and it seems you have entries made before 01/06/2012, these are getting brought forward into the balance sheet P&L figure. You would need to file any previous years accounts to ensure that these figures are ignored.

Right thks. No prior year so must have been a typo on a transaction entry somewhere.