Wrong invoice number created

When I want to create a new invoice the new invoice number will be wrong. It begins with ‘CN’ like a credit note number. And when I paid it with a payment and want to create a credit note to it then the new credit note number will be an existing credit note number which is deleted among my invoices. What is the problem? Is there a chance to set the generated invoice number? What did I set/do wrongly? I have no idea.

Hi @demeter.zoltan

Have you ever created an invoice with a CN number previously, or has the system started doing this?

Hi @QFMathew

Yes, I have created a credit note via API. I have realized it ago about a half an hour, thanks. But for the existing credit note number suggested I have no idea. Have you got an idea?

Ok. It solved. Perhaphs the problem was the each invoice number took over the credit note number and it continued and the new credit note number cannot be created because of the wrong numbered invoice. Thank you for your time.

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Glad to hear you managed to resolve this. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if we can help you further :slight_smile:

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