Wrong VAT filing start date


I’m new to quickfile and have submitted my first VAT return which according to HMRC was unsuccesful, although it said on my quickfile return that it had been submitted on 28th May 2019. I have spoken with HMRC and they assured me that everything was fine with their system and that I should contact someone at Quickfile who may be able to help. On checking my VAT settings I think I may have entered the wrong date for the Vat Filing Start Date (which may be the reason HMRC can’t find my vat reg number). I have tried to change this but the Quickfile system won’t let me do this. Can someone help me with this please.

Many thanks.

Hi @sharon

The VAT start date is basically a cut off for the VAT entries. Basically, anything prior to that date won’t be included. This only affects QuickFile and not the submission itself.

Does the VAT Return show as “Saved” or “Submitted”? If it’s the former, it hasn’t been submitted or attempted from QuickFile. It could be one of your settings that need tweaking. For example, in your VAT Settings, make sure “Enable online filing” and “Use MTD Features” are both enabled.

Let us know if that helps!

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