Yahoo smtp error

I have been using the recurring invoice facility, along with the yahoo smtp, to send invoices from my own email address, for quite a while now but I discovered this morning that it is now not working.

Recurring invoices, which should have been sent at the weekend, weren’t sent and I only discovered it when I tried to send one manually this morning.

As far as I know, I haven’t changed any of the settings and haven’t recently changed my email account password. Any help gratefully received.

Thank you

Are you getting any sort of error message when you resend the activation code from the SMTP settings area?

I was. I tried with the port set as 25, which seemed to be the default, and then 465 and 587 - which I found after using a search engine.

I have since deleted the SMTP settings and started again and now it seems to be working again, with the port set as 25. Well, I did at least get the email with the activation code, I haven’t yet had confirmation from clients that they’ve had their invoices yet.

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