Year-End Accounts 31st May deadline

My deadline for year to year account is 31.5.2015. I ordered and payed for them after my accounting period ended. In the beginning of the january 2015 I contacted Joseph Chaer for my document. Answer message -is lot of time. 23.5 I contacted him again - answer after bank holiday. 23.5. my question - when? 25.5. Today…and nothing. 29.5. I contacted him again - answer before 5.30 PM today…and nothing. I don’t have any idea what I will do. Anybody has same experience? Anybody can advice me what to do? Tom


Yes, we are having the same experience. This is not good service.

Do you have a contact number?



I am very sorry for the delays with our year-end service. Although I am not directly involved in this side of the business I am assured by Joseph that all accounts due on 31st May will be dealt with and filed on time.

Due to an increase in the order volumes over the last 2-3 months we have struggled to deliver the sort of service we strive for, specifically in the query handling side. Approximately 2 weeks ago we decided to close down this service, at least until we are able to put a team in place to address this issue going forward.

I am in contact with Joseph this weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) and he is working on all 31st May cases. Feel free to PM me with any queries you may have and I will do what I can to ensure these are addressed.

Once again I apologise for the delays.


Hi Glen,

We have signed up for the Annual Accounts and they are due today for submission. We have sent numerous email with little response and now concerned these wont be completed today.

We did receive a response from Joe that these will be ready for 5:30pm yesterday which gave us little time to review and amend if necessary. However, we still haven’t received these Accounts.

Can you please investigate why we are in this position and will we get these Account submitted on time.

This is the first time we have used this service and concerned that we will not submit these on time. Every year we have had these completed and submitted on time.

Do you have a telephone number for the Accounting Services



Hi Steven

My mail is My English is not good for live conversation:) Please write me.