Year End Balance Sheet

Hi, I have just done my year end process but the balance sheet does not seem to have brought through any O/B do i need to journal these in myself?

I have also created additional nominal codes for fixed assets leasehold property 0011 which do not appear on the balance sheet but code 0010 does.

not sure what I am doing wrong


Running the year-end moves all the P&L balances to the retained profits section. No other aspects of the balance sheet would be affected. Which O/B specifically were you looking for?

Regarding the 0011 balance, please check the dates on the BS as it defaults to end of April, but those 0011 entries appear in May.

Hi Glenn
It is down to the date, when showing the balance sheet I clicked in the box and changed the year from 2015 to 2016 and nothing changed, after your reply instead of changing it in the box I clicked on the calendar icon to change date and it works.

Changing the date in the box does not seem to alter anything you do need to use the icon



It worked for me in Chrome, i.e. directly editing in the box? I think you’re using Safari, haven’t tested that but will take a look now.


Worked on Safari (Windows) too. I’m not sure what happened here then?

Yes using Safari, no me neither but at least I know how to change dates now anyway


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