Year End Change Date Bug?


I am trying to run the yearend process. I have gone into Account Settings>Company Settings>Basic Settings and I am entering the yearend date of 31/01/2021 in the field ‘Next Year End date’.

I keep getting the error message ‘The date should be in the future’.

That’s all very well and good but I can’t simply change a yearend date into the future just because that’s what the system is expecting. Can anyone help on a fix for this please?


Plz try 31/01/2022, you are late for 31/01/2021

But my year end date that I am running is 31 January 2021. If I select 2022 I will have 2 years accounts with no yearend. It’s a Ltd company so it has to be right.

No you wont.

You can’t set a date that’s in the past. You have to set a future date. Setting it to 2022 will create the year end you want for 2021.

If you try it. You’ll see for yourself.

Yes you’re right. Thank you ever so much for your help, it’s much appreciated.

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