Year End Closure & Transfer of Profit & Loss

We have done our last years closure but the system does not seem to have transferred over the P & L figure onto the trial balance. You can see it on the journals and also on the chart of account but it is not showing on the trial balance for the period. Can you please help sort out or explain this as our accountant cannot proceed with the figures for this year without this hapening. Thanks

Hi @Margaret1

Just to confirm, the year end journal has been generated as part of the year end tool in QuickFile? Do you have a balance in 3101?

Good morning, Sorry I only work Tues and Thurs so hence the reason for the delay in replying. The problem is as I stated that the figure has been transferred over and you can see it on the journals for the year end and also in the chart of account for the year end but it is not showing on the trial balance so the accountant can not finalise the balance sheet and start to close down this year end figures. As we are the only clients they have who use this system and I cannot find any one else to ask who uses it that is why I am asking the forum for help. Hopefully you can help me. Margaret

Hi Matthew, Yes I have a total under code 3101 but it doesn’t seem to have carried forward to the trial balance even though it shows up as I say in the journal transfers and the chart of accounts. Please help and explain what I can do to resolve this issue. Thanks Margret

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