Year End Date Change

Hi I am looking to run the year end process for year ending April 2022 (I realise I should have done this before now).
The knowledge base tells me to go into Company Settings and manually update the date.
It’s currently showing 05/04/2024 as next year end. I’ve tried to alter this to 05/04/2022 but it doesn’t allow me to as this date is in the past.
I have a Sole Trader account - not sure if this makes a difference.
Can anyone shine any light on how to go about this?

Hello @John_Dawson

When you reach the end of your financial year, there is a procedure that needs to be completed. This procedure “Transfers” all balances from the profit and loss for the year that’s ending into a separate area of your accounts in the balance sheet.

Whilst you can do this manually through the journal system, it’s an arduous process, therefore we have developed a simplified year-end tool to assist with this process and automatically calculate the balances.

Looking at the account linked to your email I can see you have already ran the year end for 05/04/2022.

You need to run it for the 05/04/2023 year end.

Thank you for quick and clear response - much appreciated.

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