Year end date not listed in Year End Process

I’m trying to close down the year to 31/12/15, but only 31/12/14 is listed.

This is our first year, however, I had made some entries into 2014, but have since re-dated them in 2015.

The Next Year End Date is set for 31/12/2016.

Id be most grateful of any suggestions.


Hi @Hudges

I’ve just taken a quick look at this for you, and noticed that the year end was incorrect in your company settings (under Account Settings > Company Settings):

I’ve changed this to 31/12/2015, so you should now be able to run the year end process as normal for 2015.

Hope that helps!

Many thanks - sorted now.

I guess that is semantics, in that I took Next Year End Date to be the end date of the next year, not the current one. I won’t make that mistake again.

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