I’ve just set up accounts in QuickFile. The first year runs from 01/05/19 - 30/04/20, but, why, when I look in Account Settings > Year-End Process is it showing me the next year-end date as 30/04/19, and not 30/04/20?


I believe that it will show you the year ends available for closing. So it sounds like you haven’t run the year end for 18/19, which I’m guessing means some transactions are posted in that period?

Lurch, this is the first year of trading. I started on 1st of May 2019 and yet it’s giving me the end of year closing date of 30/04/2019?? Doesn’t make sense in my mind.

Ah OK. I took it as meaning you started using Quickfile, which sometimes means people enter data that has dates in the last financial year (previous debts still owed etc).

Hi StuartNorfolk, did you check that you set your years date right in account settings?

Yes, I’m a sole trader, and at the beginning of May (01/05/2019) I started out in self-employment. So, my next, and first year-ending date will be 30/04/2020. Thus, in company settings under ‘Next Year End Date’ I specified 30/04/2020. However, in Year End Journals the latest and last Year Ending Date is 30/04/2019 which is past of course.

Can anyone help, please?


Hi @StuartNorfolk

The reason you’re not seeing an option for the 2020 year end, is because that date is in the future.

Once the date has passed it will show as an option in the year end tool.

Hope this helps!

Oh, of course. You’re preparing accounts after the year ending not before! Derr! I was so focused on why it wasn’t giving me my next year ending date from the drop down that I didn’t stop and consider the obvious. Thanks Matthew. I need to have a little more faith in QuickFile’s creators :blush:

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