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Year end - not allow access to previous year unpaid invoice

Hi support,

I did a year end but there are a few invoices that we outstanding. I have gone to tag the payment from the bank account, which has been received in the new period but the outstanding invoice doesn’t appear for that client…using “Pay down multiple invoices or assign to a client account” and after I put the client name I get "No unpaid invoices found for this client. You can save as a credit to the client account below. "…BUT there is an invoice from the previous business year!

Do I need to unlock the previous year invoice or did I miss something?

I remember reading that there’s a threshold of 6 months or so in some parts of the UI as to how far back they look for open invoices. Assuming everything is in the same currency you can probably work around it by tagging the payment as a credit on account, then finding the actual invoice via the “sales” section and doing “log payment”, then “apply from credit”.

If it’s a cross currency payment (e.g. the money received is in GBP but the invoice is in EUR) then you’ll have to “log payment” from the invoice side and set the date and GBP amount, which will create a new transaction in the bank account, then you can delete the untagged duplicate.


it was a cross currency payment - so I successfully used your second suggestion, thx

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