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Yodlee and credit cards


We currently use Barclaycard for our business credit card needs. There’s no integration with Quickfile and even importing CSV statements requires them to be edited substantially.

If I had Santander business credit cards then would Quickfile+Yodlee be able to import them?

What business credit card accounts can Quickfile+Yodlee import automatically, if any? What would people recommend?



Hi @Nurg

I just wanted to touch on your one point about editing the CSV statements. Are you editing them to match what QuickFile is expecting for a normal Barclays statement? If so, you may find selecting “Other” as the bank would be a better fit which would allow you to just map columns at the import stage.

Generally speaking, if a credit card statement is available through your online banking interface, then Yodlee should pick it up as Yodlee is based around the same web interface you use to access your online banking (there are exceptions to this, but the vast majority uses this method).


Hi, I’m already using “Other”. The main problem is the statement includes all the transactions as positives and the payment to the bank as a negative in one column.

“Substantial editing” consists of flipping them and removing the bank transfer, which is a duplicate.

The useful bits of the description are in multiple columns so they need concatenating too.

I can supply a sample CSV if you wanted to add it to the bank import list?

I’m going to solve it by switching to Santander - I have no loyalty to Barclaycard.

Edit: Barclaycard and Barclays are separate entities with different websites and so forth. They should probably be treated as different banks.


You’re welcome to send me a sample CSV file if you wish, but I can’t guarantee it will be added to the list of imports.

Just going back to the original query regarding Yodlee supporting these, I’ve done a quick search on the Yodlee set up and this does give you a few options for Barclaycard themselves:

Have you tried any of these?


… HAH… I have no idea where I got the idea Yodlee didn’t work with Barclaycard. I wonder how these things get into my brain sometimes!

For the benefit of anyone else reading this, the right choice was: “Barclaycard (Business) New”

The one that doesn’t say “New” is a legacy thing.

Many thanks…