Yodlee and historic data

I have been reading about yodlee with a view to give it a trial on one of my accounts. I see there is a manual option to download statements.I assume that this is for historic statements if that is the case is there any restrictions of how far back you can go.

Hi @brian2

The historic statements with Yodlee depends on the bank and what they allow. If a bank allows you to view statements for the past 2 months, generally speaking, you should be able to import them without any issues. We do however allow you to import qif and CSV files, which most banks offer as a download option, so you can still import historical data without Yodlee.

The manual option is basically to download your data from the bank without having to wait for Yodlee to pull it in on a nightly basis. If you have, for example, 2 transfers coming in today and you really want to mark those overdue invoices as paid, you can import them today without waiting.

It should be noted however that the automated feed isn’t available for all banks, but again, this depends on the bank themselves and their set up. As a rule of thumb, if the bank requires you to enter a unique code each time you log in, automated feeds won’t be available.

Thank you for such a prompt reply.I understand the restrictions.

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