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Yodlee bank feed - being asked to activate the feed


The bank feed is saying that I need to active my bank feed but when I check with yoddley, it sates that my bank feed is active. The feed stops in February and has missing payments before and after this date.


Hello @wglencross

Can I confirm where exactly you’re seeing a message to activate the bank feed please? Also, what bank is the feed for?


when I go into my bank feed to bring up my recent transactions it is not pulling it through, that is when it says I need to activate the bank feed


Thanks for the details @wglencross. If it’s asking you to activate the bank feed, it’s not likely to be set up so this will need to be done in the first instance.

If you go to to activate the bank feed, this will take you through the necessary steps to set the feed up. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you need any help with this.

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