Yodlee Barclaycard Commercial feed not working

Hello, the Yodlee bank feed for Barclaycard Commerical is not working.

The last time it worked was 12 December.

Each time I try, I get either “No transactions” (but checking online there are 10+ transactions).

And I have also get the error “We’re sorry, it appears the destination URL is not configured.”

Is there a problem? If so, is there an ETA on a fix?

Many thanks,

Hi @waltmanc

How far are you getting in the manual refresh stage? For example, are you getting as far as entering a date?

Hello Mathew,

Just tried it again a minute ago when your reply arrived, and it says “We were unable to contact Yodlee”

Tried it immediately again and got a different error “Problem updating account. Account updates are in progress”

This morning, I did get as far as the date, and I entered 12/12/2018 and I know there are many transactions to import, but it imported zero :frowning:

Hi @waltmanc

I’ve just run a manual refresh for you and pulled in transactions for you. It seems there’s a bit of a delay with Barclays presenting the data. If you run it, and leave it for a while, that seems to have done the trick on this occasion.

This delay should however be a short term issue.

Thank you, Mathew for the prompt assistance with this.

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