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Yodlee Barclays Bank Feed Problems


Since I set up my Yodlee bank feed it will only bring in transactions automatically on the day after setting up the feed.
On every day after this no transactions are being brought in, i also cannot refresh (except for on the same day as activating the feed) the feed and get an error stating that there is a technical error please try again later.
I am currently having to remove the feed and re-add it to bring in any new transactions. (every other day)

Can anyone help?



We now have a direct Open Banking feed with Barclays. I think the best thing to do would be for us to enable this on your account so that can be setup. We can then go back and pull in any earlier transactions if needed (up to 1 month).

I will send you a private message to get your QuickFile account number so we can activate that feature.



Also having the same or at least a similar problem.

Feed is working fine if I manually refresh it but not running overnight.

If I check the logs there are no errors showing, just nothing happening i.e. there’s no record of a sync even being attempted.

This is a new feed, only setup a few weeks ago so fairly certain it isn’t the issue with the old Barclays feed being discontinued.



Hi @GilchristT

Am I correct in thinking this is the Yodlee feed? If you prefer, we can enable the Open Banking feed on your account which may help.

But if you wanted to keep Yodlee (this would be needed for savings accounts for example), can I check if you’re prompted for a pinsentry code if you manually refresh it please?




Happy to try the open banking feed. Is that something I can enable myself or is it something you’ll need to tweak?

It’s just a standard current account. Yes, I do get a prompt for PinSentry when I do a manual refresh.





If you have to provide a pin sentry code to refresh then it’s not possible for Yodlee to run the feed unattended (as they can’t generate the code without your help - Yodlee is only screen-scraping your usual Internet banking interface). If you want a feed that can run overnight then you need to use either the open banking feed or set up Yodlee with “memorable word” login instead of pinsentry.



Thanks @ian_roberts

In hindsight, that’s obvious. Doh!




Hi Glen
Our client has issues with their Barclays bank feed:

Debit card payments appearing on the feed twice (different dates)

The feed is no longer working, last entry was 19/02/19

Would the direct Open Banking feed with Barclays resolve these problems?



Hi @Noah_Sark

Sorry to hear that, there does appear to have been a recent regression on the Barclays Yodlee feed that we have escalated to Yodlee.

And yes, Open Banking will resolve this issue and I would recommend to deactivate Yodlee. You can then proceed to activate a new bank feed, the Open Banking option should then appear.

Please let me know if you require further help on this.