Yodlee feed not working - Natwest


My Yodlee bank feeds have not been working for a couple of my Quickfile accounts that are linked to Natwest accounts but they are working for my other accounts that have Natwest accounts as well so it’s not a Natwest issue.

Both of the accounts that stopped working were originally because I needed to renew the Yodlee annual fee which was done on the 2nd of April - but nothing has come through since even though both accounts have had transactions on them.

I’d be grateful for any advice!

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Al Ryan

Hi @AlRyan

We’ll certainly take a look at this for you. When were they set up - was it on the 2nd of April, or just after?

With Natwest, there is a short delay on the transactions to prevent them from duplicating. However, it is was the 2nd they were set up, I would have expected these to be pulled in by now.

Hi, the feed was originally set up in Feb 2017 but I forgot to renew in Feb 2018 and it was only when I went in at the end of March to reconcile the accounts that I saw no transactions were coming through and realised that I hadn’t renewed so figured this was why. Consequently, I renewed on the 2nd of April 2018, but still no transactions have come through.

I realise that there is usually a time delay of a few days for Natwest accounts but as I’ve received updates from Natwest on my other Quickfile accounts for the beginning of April, I assumed they should gave come through for these accounts as well.

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They should be coming through all OK. Let me send you a private message to get a few details

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