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Yodlee is not updating my bank feeds (Clydesdale Bank)

I have activated bank feeds with Yodlee for my Clydesdale bank. But it is not automatically updating. How do I manually update bank feeds? Do I have to subscribe to “Yodlee Integration”?

Hi @davidhartley

You should already have a bank feed subscription if you’ve managed to set it up, so you should be good to go on that front.

When you manually refresh it, are you prompted for any details at all?

I believe Clydesdale/Yorkshire is one of the banks that requires a one-time code every time you log in (at least I know it does for BusinessOnline). If that is the case then it’s impossible for Yodlee to update unattended as they don’t have your code generator.

I don’t know how to manually refresh. I have tried from my Statement Screen “more options” / “Refresh bank feed”. Then fill in security questions and password. Always get message “we are experiencing tech difficulties, try again”. Am I using the correct route to update transactions from my bank.?

Hi @davidhartley

More Options > Refresh Bank Feed, would be the way to manually refresh it.

However, I’ve managed to locate your account and looked into it a bit further. I’ll send you a private message shortly to discuss this in a bit more detail.

It is also worth noting that as @ian_roberts mentioned, if you are required to enter a security code each time you refresh it, we’re not able to automatically update the account for you.

Experiencing a similar issue now I have upgraded to new Clydesdale Online platform - when will this be supported? apps.cybonline.co.uk