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Yodlee - Natwest Offshore

I’ve subscribed to Banking Feeds but can’t see Yodlee options available.

I need to connect to Natwest Offshore:


(we’re based in Jersey but UK accounting systems are fine and compatible for our needs in case anyone wondered)

It works fine with TillerHQ and they Yodlee integration - but obviously that’s not a bridge, just a comparison for reference it is possible

Anyone point me at the Yodlee import options please?

Perhaps it’s a Beta feature and we need a Beta code to use?

Hi @Marcus_Quinn

Would I be right in thinking your bank account is set to “NatWest” in the account settings? You would also be seeing the NatWest logo on your bank statement view within QuickFile.

If you have, this is likely to be the reason why you’re not seeing the Yodlee option. It would need to be a bank without Open Banking available.

@QFMathew Yes you would be right! Although, changing to “Other” then offers no Bank Feeds.

As far as I can see Natwest UK & Natwest Offshore are identical systems other than the difference in URL.

It looks therefore as-if we are reliant on manual uploads or your addition of Natwest Offshore as an option.

I’m not sure on your appetite to have Jersey/Guernsey users given your specification of UK - however, from our experience, the only difference here is the VAT equivalent is called GST and at 5%, for which we simply add 5 as an additional VAT Rate and everything else just works. Honestly, I suspect that is the same for all other GBP-based jurisdictions.

Given a large amount of the population of Jersey & Guernsey are accountants, I think you’d find the user-base from here both competent and appreciative of your excellent platform. As a web application developer myself, I’ve personally been a fan your work for a long time and keen to finally use it in action from 1st Feb which is our new accounting year.

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