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Yodlee - Shows blank window when trying to connect NatWest


Hi, can anyone help me… last week I renewed my subscription and paid the extra for the automated bank feeds… im following the instructions in an old topic but when i click OK to take me to my bank and confirm details it opens a google chrome blank page that doesn’t load. I’ve tried this on several occasions now and it always does the same thing?



Hi @littlelotty

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems with this.

Can you tell me what bank you’re trying to set up please?


Hi thank you for coming back to me! Yes it is Natwest.


Thank you. I’ve asked Yodlee to investigate this as it appears to be an issue on their side. I will however let you know as soon as I hear back.


thats great thank you so much!


Hello, can you help please?
I’ve purchased Yodlee to automate the bank feeds, but it doesn’t work with Natwest bank, When I click to connect - there is a blank page which is loading but doesn’t load in the end.

this topic was raised before however no solution was given,
can you please check with yodlee or natwest bank.
thank you.


Hi @Ela

I’ve merged your post into this thread to keep it all together and easier to track.

This issue was reported to Yodlee, although we’re still waiting on a response. We have been informed that their engineering team are investigating it.

As soon as we hear anything back, we’ll be sure to update you. Although please rest assured, we haven’t forgotten about it


How long has the issue been ongoing? will you notify us via email?


@littlelotty’s first post above was 26th November and it was reported around about this time.

We’ll post any updates on our forums. By default, providing you haven’t been active within the last 15 minutes, the forums will generate an email to let you know we’ve posted.


@Ela @littlelotty - This does appear to be working at the moment. Would you mind trying again and letting me know if that works successfully please?


yes, finally managed to connect - many thanks!


all working for me too thank you guys!


Morning! Is anybodies feed actually working/. The details went in and the feed is now active but as yet nothing has come through… the feed log shows ‘No Data’ but also sates it did a feed early this morning… when i do a manual feed data comes through so there are transactions to come through?


Hi @littlelotty

I’ll send you a private message to discuss this further. Please look for a green notification in the top right hand corner.


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