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Yorkshire Bank, Bank feed stop working


Yorkshire bank have recently moved the web site for logging in and now all i get is error 403. Tried to put a custom url in when setting up and got a technical error. new url is https://apps.cybonline.co.uk/cyb/authenticate/yb?client_id=yb_web&response_type=token&state=52934571-c2c3-4212-ac05-42069aeacac5&redirect_uri=https://cybg.ybonline.co.uk/cyb/online-banking/bapp/authentication?applyFor=IM135&scope=30


Hi @apricorn

Thanks for the details. These feeds are currently managed by Yodlee. I’m sure they’re already on the case but will let them know.


will they let you / me know? currently i have no bank feed


I’ll send a private message and we’ll take a look at your account in particular, and see what can be done for you


thanks very much Mathew


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