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Yorkshire Bank Import Issues


Does anyone else have major issues with the Yodlee import function when using YB Online?
I have seen support options to say that some banks are treated less tightly than others as they duplicate imports and YB is another one of them.

I am constantly seeing the same transactions on different dates sometimes with the same description and sometimes with a different one but the only constant is the amount

I would like to upload every few days to avoid this issue from YB but that doesn’t seem to be an option either!


Hi @MersMed

With some banks we put a delay on the transaction import of around 2-3 days because of transaction descriptions changing. We’re only aware of this being the case with banks in the Lloyds Banking Group (RBS, NatWest etc.).

Is this a similiar situation with Yorkshire Bank? If so, I can have a chat to our development team to see if a delay could be added there too and that should help prevent duplicates being imported.


Hi guys, not sure if anyone else has this problem but yes definitely for me the problems you are aware of on Lloyds (after reading the FAQs) do seem to also apply to YB

i.e. you will see
13/07/17 Debit Card Transaction for 11.99
then you will see
14/07/17 NCP car Park 11.99

Within a few days within the statement online the 13/07/17 will disappear but it’s too late then as QF has imported them both and I end deleting the initial one, it seems the YB post transaction very early without a full description and then either add them on a different date and delete the original one OR update the data in the original one


Thanks for confirming. Let me have a chat to our development team and see what they can find out or suggest. I’ll come back to you shortly!

@MersMed - We could certainly make the change, but this would affect all users with that bank. I’d be interested to know if other Yorkshire Bank users are affected in this way or not before making a change.


Still seeing issues with duplicate imports from Yorkshire bank, support did say that they could change the way the import works but were waiting for feedback from other users but looks like no one came back

This is causing major issues for me in so much I will either have to change my bank or change my accounting system, does anyone else have this problem so QF support can make the changes?


Hi @MersMed

I’ve merged your original post with this thread to keep everything together. I’ve also unlocked this thread so it will remain open for the foreseeable future.

We’re happy to look into changing this, but as the change would affect all Yorkshire Bank users using Yodlee, we would like to encourage any other users using this bank to post below with their comments (e.g. whether this affects them or not).

It’s worth noting however, that all major accounting systems work using Yodlee, so the issue would likely to be the same with other platforms too.


Many thanks, I’m also going to get in touch with the bank as sometimes the information is taking up to four days (or more) to actually be updated!


I’m with Yorkshire bank but set up for BusinessOnline Lite rather than the normal internet banking. In the BO case the regular transaction listing only ever goes up to the end of the last working day, and includes only fully settled transactions - I’ve never seen the description change on any of those. But then they list “recent transactions” on a separate screen and those can be quite fluid until they finally settle.

For example when I make a card payment the amount shows up immediately under recent transactions with today’s date and the generic description “card auth”, the next day it’s still under recent transactions with a different date and a different (but still generic) description of “card transaction”. Only on the third day will it move to the main settled transactions list and show the proper description including the name of the merchant. If I make a card payment on Friday it typically doesn’t show up in the main list until Monday or Tuesday.

Direct debits and bacs & fps credits and debits are the same - on the first day they appear under recent transactions with a partial description (name of the source or beneficiary but not the payment reference), then move to the main list the following day with the description in full.


This is still happening and it is even now importing lines from the bank feed into accounts with exact same description but a different date due to YB Online pushing them through twice for some unknown reason
I have spoken to YB and they say that they have to pend them so they show immediately but then resend them with the correct info but even when the description info doesn’t change because the date is different they end up in Quick file twice

Is there any news on the feature to slow the update rate down for YB online?
Or introduce another setting to consider a duplicate if description and amount match (not date)?

I am going to have to change to another provider as this is just taking more and more of my time de-duping the feed


Hi @MersMed

Unfortunately YB don’t provide a direct feed, so any accounting system would need to use Yodlee to automatically extract bank feed information. Yodlee send us duplicate transactions for the same entry when banks partially change descriptions for cleared/uncleared items.

We have developed a few ways to work around this and employed them with other banks (e.g. Natwest/RBS). I will send you a private message to get some account info and we’ll see what we can do for you.