Yorkshire Bank Live Feed Wrong Account

Hi there,
I bought the live bank feed service early last month. Just logged in to have a look, and observed that the feeds are coming in, but to the wrong accounts. You’ve got savings and current account swapped about. I’ve triple checked the account numbers and I am certain they are matching the correct accounts Quickfile to the bank. Can you kindly rectify?

Hi @MichaelGoh

Can I just check, if you go to the bank statement view, and select More Options >> Bank Feed Details, are the details there correct for that account?

The same details can be seen by going to Banking >> Open Banking Feeds

Thanks for the tip Matt. There’s a long convoluted account identification under banking feeds, but I can see the account number in the midst of that, and as expected it is indeed swapped around. During the sign up process I honestly can’t recall having to assign / match up the accounts, which would make sense since my sort code and account numbers are already in Quickfile and I’d have expected them to line up automatically. In any case I’ve disabled the feed, deleted the erroneous transactions, done a manual import to line it up, and reactivated the feeds, this time ensuring they are matched to the correct account. Fingers crossed this fixes the issue. Thanks very much for pointing me in the right direction!