Zapier and bank entries


connected stripe to send transactions to QF using zapier.

zapier sending bank enties in wrong bank account, i have a stripe account setup in my QF, the payments seem to be linked to my main account instead

what could i be doing wrong, and how to fix this



When you set up the ‘zap’ (or edit it), you’ll see an option for the bank nominal code:

You simply need to match it up with a nominal from your chart of accounts:

You can always run a test in zapier too - it’ll just create a dummy transaction for you to make sure it’s working before setting it live, and you can always delete the entry in QuickFile so there’s no harm in giving it a go :slight_smile:

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i shall change this, and give it a go

what does this in support

“Date (optional)
The bank entry date, if left blank today’s date will be used”

in zapier

The date field would be the transaction date for the bank entry:

You can leave it blank if you wish and it will insert the current date in for you

i dont get a ‘date’ choice, from the insert stripe fields option

There’s a ‘created’ option showing my side, but this appears to be a in unix timestamp format, which I don’t think Zapier will automatically convert (although I may be wrong).

Your best bet would be to either contact Zapier regarding this, or Stripe, as this is independent of QuickFile

its seems to be downloading the full amount, not the currency converted amount, will i be able to change this

Your best bet would be to contact either Zapier or Stripe. QuickFile has no control over the data Stripe sends to Zapier.

You may be able to see all the variables Stripe sends if you look at the history - this would give you an idea of what data you have to play with.