Zapier Create Client but does not trigger new email

I have managed to create a ZAP on Zapier to create a new client in QF. The client is created in QF just great, but QF does not email the client their login details? Is this possible? If I create the new client direct ion QF it does email the client?

Hi @jamkat28

It’s not possible to do this at the moment I’m afraid.

But it’s worth noting that if you send an invoice with a link, unless you enforce logging in, the client will be able to log straight in using that link.

Thanks for your reply.

Can you confirm, that this is the same for ALL email triggering when using Zapier? So if I create a new invoice via Zapier, then again the email trigger will not fire?

I suppose I could automate separate email externally using the links?

Creating an invoice doesn’t necessarily send it - there’s a separate command for that. I don’t believe Zapier triggers this and it has to be done manually.

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