Zapier option to use emails for client matching

In zapier:
“QuickFile will match against any existing client records with the exact spelling or create a new one on the fly.”

This is a problem for one payment when using the Stripe Checkout

Where only the email is asked to the client to process the payment.
I would love to be able to associate the charge to the client on quickfile automatically. So far the system does not allow me to do this and create a new client with the email as name everytime, so the zapier is not that useful :frowning:


Hi @expertoswp

Thanks for your suggestion! We can certainly take a look into this if there’s enough interest.

We’ll leave this thread open for others to add their comments.

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Would be possible to use emails as client names on the platform, or that will clash with the invoice generation templates?

Technically this is possible, it won’t cause any adverse problems for the system, as long as you don’t mind the email address showing as the client name.

I am considering other options at the moment but this is good to know as a work around for being able to use zapier.