Zapier Webhook - New Client Problem

I’ve just set up a webhook to transfer data from Senta and set up a new client in Quickfile.

It sends all the data requested by the QF app within Zapier however it is not setting up the client record.

It adds the client name, address etc but isn’t adding the contact details, ie firstname, surname and email address despite the data being provided.

Any ideas why ?


Hi @Echohead

I’ve just given this a go to try and replicate the issue, but my contact seems to have been created all OK.

If you view the history of the zap, are there any errors? Are the name fields populated?

It’s also worth checking - do you already have a client by the same name? If so, this will cause it to fail, but I would also expect Zapier to show an error if this happened.

My first zap worked fine, my second one however seems to have missed off the client as you mentioned above. I’ve reported this to our development team to take a look.


I didn’t see your edit until after I had tried again and mine went through fine at 1119hrs. Perhaps a bit tempramental but I guess this topic can be closed down and I will let you kn ow if I get further issues.

many thanks