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Zero rate VAT on .csv uploaded as 20%

Hi, I’ve just uploaded over 600 sales into a client’s company file. He’s on the margin scheme, therefore part 0 rate sales and part 20%. I split the sales and uploaded the margin sales first, I had the VAT column all marked as 0, yet they all have converted to 20% on upload. I’ve deleted them all but don’t want to try again in case it does the same thing. Can anyone tell me why its done this?

Also on another client’s file, who is on flat rate, I imported purchases, one of which was equipment that qualified for a input VAT relief but it uploaded as zero rate. I thought maybe it was the mixture of 0/20% that did it, although I have imported a mix before with no issues. Can anyone shed any light on this please?

Hi @Mushroom

Have you checked that vat column is formatted correctly for the upload to recognise it? 20% would be the default so it sounds like it isn’t recognising when you’ve set the amount

The upload accepts either the monetary value or percentage, I entered the monetary value as 0 but didn’t create a column for percentage

What I do is use both the vat amount and vat rate columns. That way there’s no issues with the correct amounts and rates

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