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Use this category to report any bugs. Please provide as much information as possible e.g. error messages, page details, and steps to reproduce. Be sure to search prior to submitting and report one bug per post.


Discussion about features or potential features for Quick File. For any third party integrations, e.g. payment providers, CRM, payroll etc use the category integrations.


Discussions relating to the integration of third party applications such as payment providers, CRM productivity apps and payroll.


General support on setting up and using any of the Quick File features.


Any accounting related questions should be posted under this category. Quick File are not able to offer dedicated accounting advice here but we will try to provide general guidance where possible.


Topics that come up very often when discussing Quick File.


Tutorial topics that describe how to handle routine accounting procedures and utilitise specific features within Quick File.

user interface

Discussion about the user interface of Quick File, how features are presented to the user in the client, including language and UI elements.


Discussions relating to the Quick File API and other tools and plugins for extending the functionality of the Quick File platform.


Here you will find new feature notifications, planned maintenance and general updates.


This category is for all discussions relating to the Quick File Affinity platform.

Invoice CSS

Use this category to post your questions relating to CSS and invoice design customisation.


Discussion about this forum, its organisation, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Looking to hire someone to help you out with your accounts, payroll, VAT or anything else for that matter? Post your requirements here to get the help you need from a vast community of small businesses and entrepreneurs.


The QuickFile glossary is an expanding collection of short explainers covering a range of business and accounting topics.