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Getting started in QuickFile

Everything you need to get things going in QuickFile:

Bookkeeping Basics

Don’t worry if you’re an accounting novice. Understanding profit and loss reports, balance sheets and nominal ledgers takes time. The following guides should get you to grips with the basics.


We try to make QuickFile as flexible as possible whilst maintaining its cores simplicity. If you’re feeling adventurous here are a few places to help you customise your account.

Importing Data

Getting data into QuickFile can be daunting at first. Be sure to complete our short setup questionnaire to set you off in the right directions. Here are a few other topics to help you import your data.

Accountants, bookkeepers and multi-users

QuickFile Affinity is our dedicated multi-user platform. With Affinity you can manage 100s of accounts in one single dashboard, here are a few guides to get you started on Affinity.

Getting help with QuickFile

QuickFile operate a system of centralised support. We always recommend searching this forum where you will find 1,000s of topics on a vast range of subjects. If you’re completely stuck you can always post a new question on the front page of our community area.

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