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Run custom scripts within your QuickFile account


We have just released an update that will extend the Advanced Customisation feature-set allowing you to run your own custom Javascript/Jquery inside your account, you can see a couple of examples of how this works here. This new tool will open up a multitude of possibilities for extending the core user interface within QuickFile.

Obviously writing Javascript is not something that will be accessible to all users. We are however happy to assist where we can and we would gladly share any useful examples in our Knowledge Base.

###Here are a few things you can do with custom scripts:

  • Automatically fill or clear certain fields.
  • Show warnings/notices based on a specific set of conditions.
  • Connect to 3rd party services to log/verify information.

###Where do I find this option?

You can find the Global Scripts template within the Advanced Customisation area. Please note that this will require a Power User subscription.

You can then use the javascript editor to start writing your own scripts.

Once saved, you will need to activate the script and then it’s ready to go!

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What an awesome piece of functionality! I just need to think of things to use it for :smile:


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