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Automatically logged out

Hi, for my work I see my clients/customers always 1 hour. I write my invoices for them straight after each session (I don’t write it before because I’m never 100% sure do they attend or not). At the moment I write them offline and transfer it to quickfile later, which is almost double work. I do this because after 1 hour I’m always logged out of qiuckfile and have to login each time which is to time consuming (I only have a few minutes between clients to write and print the invoice). My question: Is it possible somewhere in the dashboard or so to change the time after I’m automatically logged out? Can I (or you) change this to 90 minutes or so? I’m not sure what the time is now but after 1 hour I’m always logged out. I had a look in the knowledge base but could not find anything about it.

It is maybe not most important but would make my life much easier. Thank you.

I believe if you leave a tab open on the invoice / quotation entry screen there’s a little background ping that keeps your session alive. This was added about 1 year ago.

If you did have a work in progress invoice in the editor and you wanted to be sure it’s not going to be lost on save, you can open another tab in your browser and go to your login screen. It will either log you straight in (if the session is still active) or prompt you to enter credentials. Either way after doing that, saving the invoice will not causing any problems.

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Thanks Glenn,
Will try it again but I had always a invoice (draft) open and when I came back after 1 hour or so and tried to finish the invoice I had to login before I could do so.

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