Ability to automatically debit client's account on due date


We have been playing around with QuickFile for the last day or two and I am looking for a feature that will automatically debit a client’s account using GoCardless when the invoice is due.

I may be looking for something that doesn’t exist, but just want to check… I seem to be able to import invoices, send them on, and at a day I choose I can select them all to collect payment. It would be really handy if this automatically created a GoCardless request on the due date rather than rely on a human.

Any ideas anyone?



Automatic collection is supported for recurring invoices but not for one-offs. For one-offs and assuming you have a Direct Debit pre-authorisation setup with your client you can manually collect on a single or collection of invoices, you can also set a “Charge at date” if you want to initiate the collection now but set it to come out of the client’s account later.

Automating collection on single invoices may become risky when those clients pay you through some other means before the due date. You run the risk of double charging them or creating extra work disabling any scheduled DDs. Just a thought!

Thank you - I haven’t been able to see a “Charge at date” function yet… Are there any screenshots available somewhere and an explanation of how it works? I had a quick look on the Knowledgebase and couldn’t find anything there.

Is there a stubbed test/demo system that’s available for public/user use to try and see how these kind of things work? I appreciate this isn’t a quick build if one doesn’t exist, but it would certainly be useful for this kind of stuff.



The deferred collection option was rolled out last November, here is the announcement inc. screenshots.


I’m afraid there is no test environment for our GoCardless integration, you can however post nominal amounts as low as £1.00 to see how things work. You can then go into GC and cancel the payments after.