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Access to a Bank feed via CSV files

Please can you tell me whether by using QuickFile bank feeds it is possible to integrate into a Google Sheets App that currently uses the File Import facility to import batch bank statements from manual downloads from the UK banks in your list?

Hi @mervynt

There’s no direct link from Google Sheets to QuickFile, but you can certainly download the sheets document as a .csv and import this into QuickFile.

There’s more information on the format expected, here:
Importing your bank statement

Matt, I was thinking of the other way round - can I import a CSV file of the latest bank feed from Quickfile to my system? I would want a raw feed with no added data.
Also who hosts QuickFile?

Hi @mervynt

You can export a bank statement - yes. You can either do this from the bank statement page itself, or as an account back up (more info here: Create a data backup schedule).

It’s hosted in a few different places (e.g. as it stands, servers are ours, uploaded receipts are hosted on AWS, etc.). There’s a bit more of a breakdown here: QuickFile Sub-processors

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