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Account with two signatories - open banking feed

@Elsvan we received the following from Barclays this afternoon.

We have identified the root cause and deployed a change. Could you please re-test and confirm that this is no longer an issue?

Please let us know if the problem persists.

Hi Glenn, nope, nothing doing. I get exactly the same as before. So what I do: I go to Quickfile - I log in - I go to Activate Banking Feed - this leads me to Open Banking - I click on Open Banking via online banking - takes me to Barclays - I log in - then it says “I have no accounts available for Open Banking” or some such. If I go into Barclays and try to select “Give third party permissions” then I get nowhere either. So as far as I can see, nothing at all has changed. Is there another way I need to do this?

Hi @Elsvan,

I’m sorry to hear this. We’ve let Barclays know that the fix they implemented did not work. I will keep you updated on any further developments. From what you’ve mentioned, you’ve done everything correctly.

We have received the following update today from Barclays:

We have identified the fix for this issue and are targeting the end of this month for deployment. We will let you know if we can bring it forward at all.

Hi Glenn thanks for the update! I look forward to seeing if they do indeed deploy…


Hi @Elsvan

We’ve recieved further notice today from Barclays to advise that this issue has now been resolved. Would you please kindly retry and let us know how you get on?

Hi Glenn, miracle of miracles. I have been able to connect to Open Banking in Barclays! Not got any transactions just yet so will wait for them to come through, however I was able to go through all the expected authorisations screens.

Do we want to keep this topic open until I’ve got some live transactions through?



That’s great news @Elsvan - thanks for letting us know!

We’ll keep this open for a little longer, so if there are any further issues, we can investigate and report back to Barclays.

Keep us posted :slight_smile:

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