Add option for Supplier statements

Could you extend the customer statements option to cover suppliers as well. It would be useful for reconciling differences and raising queries with clients

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Hi @Adrian_Maudsley

You may find this topic useful:


Not quite what I was looking although I did not know about the advanced search option existing at ledger level.

The scenerio I have which is all too common is a client with unallocated payments and unpaid invoices on a supplier account. I would ideal like to print/send a transaction listing to such clients to help them sort things out but there is no easy way to do that for supplier accounts



Please accept my apologies, but I’m a little bit confused. Are the payments from clients for re-billed expenses?

You mentioned clients with unallocated payments, and suppliers with unpaid invoices which is tripping me up a little bit

run a creditors control account report
an aged creditors report
export the outstanding to excel.
or for 1 supplier
goto Supplier account
view, statement and you have all the options there.

The statement option does not exist for supplier accounts

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