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Adding Sales Inventory items to Dashboard

I have some regular royalty payments that I have added in Sales Inventory but want them to show up on my Dashboard and/or be included in my monthly sales figures. How do I do this? Thanks.

Hi @Dromedary

I’m not sure I follow sorry.

When you say you’ve added them to your Sales Inventory, what page are you referring to?

In the Sales drop down menu, there is Sales Inventory. You can then add items in Item/Inventory Management and select a category. I assumed this was were I could add income items that aren’t invoiced for.

Hi @Dromedary

The inventory is there to help speed up invoice and estimate creation. Take a look here for more info on using this feature.

If you don’t have an invoice for the income, there’s two ways to account t for it.

  1. You can create a dummy invoice (even ‘commissions received’ as the client) and enter the details on an invoice line.

  2. If you don’t require a detailed log, you can just tag them from your bank account. Take a look at the topic below for details:
    Accounting for non-invoiced items

If you’re like me and like to make sure you have every avenue covered (just in case you’re ever asked, or just because you like details), you may find option 1 the best choice.

Hope that helps!

Ah thanks - I misunderstood the purpose of the inventory feature.

Yes, I just want to have all my commission payments logged so that I get a true picture of my total income and also so that I have an easy record of them all for tax purposes. As yet, I’m not linking by bank account to QuickFile but will bear it in mind for the future. Thanks for the help!

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