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Addition charges on invoice, working on percentage

Hello, When creating invoices sometimes I need charge 50% for working sundays etc. I can see there’s a discount option, but is there anyway of charging more through a percentage of the total invoice cost at all?

Many thanks,

Are you issuing invoices based on an hourly rate? If that were the case you could setup inventory items with your normal and increased rates. Then all you’d need to do is call them into the invoice.

okie dokie, so no way of just applying the percentage at the end of the bill?

I’m afraid not, to be honest it’s not something I’ve seen requested before.

I will however convert this post to a “feature request” and see if it gains any further traction.

That’s great, thanks for your help :slightly_smiling:

I actually could use this feature as well. I’d need to charge deposits for customers