Address is appearing over the logo


On my invoices and estimate templates the logo is appearing on the right, with my company address written over the top of it, obscuring it. On the template design my company address should be over on the right. Can anyone help please?



Hi @joevans

It would need a bit of tweaking with the CSS. You can access this by previewing an invoice, selecting the invoice gallery (top left) and then clicking “Customise this template”.

If you like, I’m happy to take a quick look for you, if you could just let me know the last 3 digits of your QuickFile account number, and where you’d like the logo to be?


Ah that’s be great please


If the logo could stay where it is on the right and the from address just go over on the left that’d be great.

Thank you


No problem. I’ve just made a small change there. Can you just check it over and make sure that’s all OK for you?

I’ve also switched on the new PDF renderer for your account, so if you need to make any changes going forward, there’s more you can change, full details below :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

That’s brilliant. Thank you for sorting that so quickly :slight_smile:

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