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A friend told me about Quick File.
I am wondering: I am an agent and have many clients, will the software be suitable for me? How can I operate it? Should each client has his own quickfile account? Or is there ‘one place’ where all my clients would be put together?
I really appreciate any advice.



You can group them together, but this depends on your business and the way you operate. If you issue invoices to clients so they get a copy too, I’d set them up individually. If you’re running a shop (for example) where names and addresses aren’t important, you could lump them together until one record.

If you have lots of clients, you can also import a CSV file too to speed up the entry. Let me know if you need any help with this.

Hope that helps!


Thank you, but it seems that your answer doesn’t refer to me. I’m the type of agent who does Company Accounts and CTRs for clients /limited companies/. For some of them I do bookkeeping too /but for the most I do only Accounts and CTRs/.


Ah, please accept my apologies! I should have asked what kind if agent! :wink:

In that case, yes, our software is suitable, and it’s used by others in your position too.

You may want to look at our affinity platform (see this page) which allows each of your clients to have their own account but they would be connected to yours too. This gives you an overview of their business so it can be a very useful resource.

There is a small charge for Affinity. Take a look at the calculator for details.

Each Affinity account comes with the ability to customise it too, and comes with free credit - so you could sign up and have a play around with it before making any decisions.

Hope that’s a bit more helpful than my last post!


Yes! That’s what I was looking for. Thank you :smile:

I’ll look on the Affinity and get back to you if there was sth unclear.


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