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Allowing PDF attachments as default

Is it possible to allow PDF attachments for all clients as a general rule?
I know it can be done in the client setup screen where this is a tickbox to Allow PDF attachments, but I would like this to be enabled by default for all clients and new clients. Can I do that? Thanks.

Hi @graffiq

A similar question was asked last week - it isn’t possible to set it as a default but you can use some script to make this work please see the below post:

Hope this helps

Thanks I’ve just tried this, saved it, activated, logged out and in again, but when I tried to create a new client the pdf box isn’t ticked by default.

Do you have the script running?

I don’t know - I copied the line of script into the custom scripts and activated it and it is there if I check, whether I have to do anything else to make it run, I’m not sure?

Hi @graffiq

Have you made sure that the option is enabled on the clients settings?

That was the tickbox I was asking to be ticked by default, rather than the one to attach pdfs in the invoice send screen.

Hi @graffiq

Apologies, I misunderstood your original post. As far as I am aware there isn’t a way to have this ticked by default

Ok, thanks Beth, I can work with that. Just need to remember to tick allow pdf attachments every time I setup a new client

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Hi @graffiq

Do you have a Power User Subscription? If so, it would be possible to add a custom script on your account to stick the box by default.

It wouldn’t apply to existing clients, only new ones, or ones you edit (when you edit the client, the box would be ticked so it would be enabled when saving any changes).

Yes I could use a custom script to do this. What would the script be?

Vicky Mace

Hi @graffiq

If you go to Account Settings >> Design Customisation >> Advanced CSS & HTML Customisation, and then select Custom Scripts on the left hand side.

Paste the below code into the editor:

$(document).ready(function() {    
    $('.page-clients-modify #chkallowAttachPDF').prop('checked', true);

What this does, is when the page loads, it’ll automatically tick the “Allow PDF Attachments” box for you. This does mean, if you did want it unchecked for a specific client, this would automatically check it every time you edit them.

Save the file, and don’t forget to activate it in the top right corner.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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