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American Express Import


I am trying to import CSV files from American Express but have run into a problem that I have not seen previously. The debit and credit entries are being imported as the reverse of what they should be so I am seeing all spending on the card imported as a credit to the card whilst any payments I make to pay the bill are importing as debits.

Hi @robbiec,

What option are you using when uploading the statement? The csv upload is based on bank accounts rather than credit cards.

Credit Cards are opposite so you may need to alter the csv slightly before uploading it. You will just need to reverse the signs on the amounts column.

Hope this helps?

I used CSV and selected Other as the Bank Type.

Is there another way that would prevent the need to amend the data before importing?

Hi @robbiec,

Unfortunately not, changing the values is a quick process if you open the csv in something like excel you can easily edit the column/s.

I believe that the open banking link for Amex is coming shortly so if you have a bank feed subscription you will be able to connect your credit card to the automated feed, there will then be no need to upload the csv :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

Thanks - that is great news if Amex becomes automated again.

Hi @robbiec

We’re pleased to say our new American Express feed is available.

There are more details, here: American Express Bank Feed

Brilliant - thanks for letting me know.

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