Analysis of invoice to codes

Apologies if my reply wasn’t clear.

The accounts on QuickFile should only be for business activity, so if it’s a personal transaction you would typically exclude it from your accounts, and then have a matching bank transaction. It would however mean that your bank balance may not match your paper statements.

My colleague outlines this method briefly, here, and our knowledge base article also covers something similar relating to payments here.

The Proprietor Drawings Account is a balance sheet code as it acts like a bank account, typically sits in place of your actual personal bank account. But there is another code to use to correctly show this. My previous post here outlines this. You could use this code directly rather than using the bank account if that makes it easier.

But tagging a line on a purchase invoice directly to drawings, isn’t possible.

I would like to touch on this point - is there anything that’s not visible on QuickFile that you would like to see? Most figures are visible within QuickFile in at least one place - I’m more than happy to point you in the right direction to see these :slight_smile: