Attaching invoices as PDF - Default option


Would it be possible to have the attaching invoices as PDF ticked as an automatic default option in the clients area instead of having to tick the box. The majority of our clients do tick this box for ALL their clients and have asked us if there is the option to have the box ticked automatically?

Thank you.

I’m afraid this is not something we are planning to implement, to quote a similar post:

I’m afraid we won’t be adding this as a system-wide option. There are many good reasons not to use PDF attachments and this feature was only ever added as a convenience for those end-user clients who insisted on having their invoices in PDF.

The web based invoice takes one click to view and can be tracked, it will also work seamlessly on any desktop or mobile device. Clients can still download a PDF version from the web preview.

Hello Glen,
Could you please check PDF options. One of client sent PDF and his clients did not receive them. Thank you.

Enabling for a client doesn’t send by default, you still need to tick this box:

Maybe they missed that? I just sent a test invoice to myself with this invoked and it attached the PDF.