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Automated Suppliers Invoices

QF to QF invoicing

How do i get supplies CIS deduction recorded on the system ? when they send a invoice that converts to a purchase (QF) there is no line that says the CIS is posted to the CIS deducted in the accounts. what should i ask the supplier to do ?

is the answer in the sales inventory?

HI @pelican

When an invoice is imported from one QF account to another, through the mapping process, it will always use the default nominal code for that supplier. However, you can break the link if you wish, which would allow you to modify them on your end (which won’t affect the suppliers end).

This guide may help


what if a p/o is raised with the cis deduction all ready taken place

If the link is removed , is for all future invoices?

Purchase orders aren’t synced between the accounts, only purchase invoices.

It would just be for the one invoice. Providing you unlink the invoice like it’s shown in the guide, then it would only affect that one invoice:


Thank you , that looks like a solution

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