Back Dated Bank Feeds

I have set up an open bank feed for my business account which has synced fine for transactions going forward. Is it possible to backdate the feed so that my last years worth of transactions can be automatically uploaded?

The feed can only go as far back as the bank allows, typically 30 days or so. You may be able to get CSV downloads of earlier transactions from your internet banking, again it depends on the bank, some are better than others in this respect.

Hi Ian, thank you very much for replying. I use Natwest and I haven’t been able to find CSV downloads.

Following on from this am I correct in thinking that if a bank account does not have an open feed to connect to QF it is possible to connect using Yodlee bank feeding service?

HI @Davidb

That’s correct. Are you trying to use NatWest with Open Banking? This is supported and more than happy to help set this up for you.

Hi Mathew,

I have set up the Open feed with NW but I am actually looking at switching Business Bank Accounts so I wanted to know if they open feeds were supported for these through Yodlee. ATM I am looking at Clydesdale and Yorkshire, TSB and Santander Business current accounts?

We do support Santander out of that list. If it’s of interest, we also support some of the newer challenger banks such as Starling, Tide and Revolut too.

TSB, Clydesdale and Yorkshire should be supported through Yodlee.

Is there any way to confirm this as I don’t really want to switch to a bank that is not supported?

There’s a list of our current supported feeds here: Supported Bank Feeds

If the bank isn’t listed, it’s not likely to be supported I’m afraid.

Hi, well Cydesdale and Yorkshire bank are on there separately but I don’t see Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank? I really don’t want to switch and then the feed doesn’t work.

Hi David,

Here are the Yodlee options that appear for Clydesdale:


And here are the options for Yorkshire Bank:


There are no options specifically for “Clydesdale and Yorkshire”, therefore I would conclude that these types of accounts are not current supported.

Thanks Glenn, yes I think that is probably a wise assumption. The safest bet is probably Santander. I will look into it further. Thanks

Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank are two trading names of the same banking group, and they both use the same online banking system. Your account would be with one or the other of the brands rather than with CYBG directly.

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