Bank feed not updating since 13 Dec

Hi there, I’ve been unable to update my First Direct current account since 13 Dec. Everything seems to be set up correctly.

My HSBC feeds have also “paused” since early December - no clues as to why. It says the link doesn’t expire for another 60 days, but there doesn’t seem to be a “RESUME” or “SYNC” option anywhere???
Any suggestions?
Chat soon.

Hsbc had issues with late maintenance in december i remember seeing a post about it. Can you do a manual refresh?

Hi Spike,

Thanks for that nugget :slight_smile: I ended up REVOKING my bank feeds and re-adding them. I then had the option to manually refresh the data since the 3rd of December. It looks like it’s working as I’m now seeing payments from last week - so I just need to check for duplicates from early December.

Chat soon.

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Last transaction I got from a HSBC feed is dated 8th December.
I tried to revoke the feed and add a new one but I am still not getting in new transactions.
Status of the connections has a green light.

Was anyone able to solve this issue?

When refreshing the feed did you set a date? It may sounds silly but it is a common thing that people forget.

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