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Bank feeds not running

yes, when i export from barclays I get the 20 or so transactions. I then tried to import this via import statement, i told it what columns where what, i.e column 1 date etc, but it still then failed to import. I tried the chrome ext feed, which said it was doing it, and when i signed into QF there was a notification to sync, which i did, but then again it imported zero.


I can see there are currently 27 items on your account waiting to be processed. from the Chrome plugin.

It does check for duplicates when you process these, and will prevent them from being created providing they match the duplicate criteria:

Transactions with the same date, amount and description will be ignored to avoid duplicated.

yeah i got that message but then clicked ok and zero were imported. I will try again now. But there are bugs in there, as last night it just would not run, tried a few times, in a few different ways.

so this time it worked, 27 imported.

If you would kindly elaborate on the different ways you tried, we’ll certainly run some tests to see if we can replicate these.

Bank feeds are always tricky to perfect as they’re not strictly direct feeds. This is changing however with Open Banking - which is a work in progress from both our end and the banks.

the main way tried was with the chrome extension using Barclays. I put in a date, 2/3/18, then hit import, then signed into Barclays online, i got your screen saying it did the import. I went back to QF and saw the notification it was running, 10 mins later I could sync and process, in doing so it gave me warning on not importing duplicates, clicked ok and it then imported 0 (so exactly same procedure as today and today it imported 27).

I then also tried doing a csv export from barclays, I could see the transaction in the csv, I uploaded to QF, i told it what columns where what, and it failed to import.


Thank you for the info.

I’m glad to hear that’s worked for you now, although I’m unsure as to why it wouldn’t have worked for you yesterday. We’ll run a few tests however and take a closer look.

Regarding the CSV import, if it fails to import, it would give you a reason as to why - for example, columns not mapped correctly, missing required information, etc. Do you still have a copy of the CSV file that you could send over for us to test?

yeah i have the csv, i will try to email it over now

Thanks. I’ll start a private message with you now. Please look for a green notification in the top right hand corner.

How do I manually download a bank feed please? I have looked at the bank feed log and on 2nd March it says 2 transactions bit I cant see any dated that on Quickfile.

The transaction may have been imported on the 2nd but it may not necessarily be dated for 2nd.

To manually download your data, you would either have to use the Google Chrome plugin, or download a .csv export from your online banking account and import it into your account. There are guides for both below, but please let me know if you need any help:

thank you I am trying to follow the instructions but what do I put in the Membership Number, Passcode and Memorable word please?

These would be the details you use to log into Barclays directly.

If you’re only doing it as a one-off (because of the delay with the feed), the CSV file is likely to be your best option as this requires no configuration - just download the file from your online banking, and upload into your QuickFile account.

Thank you. Even tho it is telling me it cant download the statement as with the account number or credentials are incorrect it has done it so I’m happy now.

just noticed that Barclays feed has not run today 8th March.
I also have Yodlee subs for another current account which i got 2 days ago. I hope this does not stop the regular Barclay feeds?

Hi @Sameera

The Yodlee feed is completely separate from the Barclays feed.

The feed has been delayed over the last few days but it should now be up to date. If it still hasn’t run, please check the error log to ensure everything is all OK. If you need further assistance, please do let us know.

No error log showing. Thanks for clarifying that they are two separate when there is both on the account.

@Sameera - The feed has completed for today. I just wanted to check if all is OK now, or if you’re still experiencing issues?

Thank you. The feeds came through last night and this morning.

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